The Future of Kenshi: Refocusing our efforts

Pouya Eghbali
3 min readAug 31, 2023

We were one of the 30 startups who passed the 2023 Tech Tour Digital Frontiers & Trust selection criteria and were invited to attend the event on August 29th in Lausanne, Switzerland.

While there, I met fantastic startup founders and entrepreneurs, spoke to several investors, made new professional connections, and met potential clients creating awesome projects on the blockchain.

However, my most valuable takeaway from this event was the insight and perspective I got by speaking to the experts in this field and exchanging ideas with them.

This event has changed my views about the future of Kenshi and where we are headed. In this blog post, I will share them with our valuable users and those curious about the project.

Kenshi is a Swiss-based blockchain company offering services such as Custom Oracle Network, blockchain IoT SDK, Deep Indexing, GraphQL, and Reverse-API (webhooks) on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Aurora, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Bitgert, and the BNB Smart Chain.

No More Going Against The Giants.

I no longer see the likes of Chainlink or The Graph as our competitors; our platform wasn’t made to replace any of these services. The value offering of our product is its customizability and portability, targeting businesses and enterprises looking to make a truly unique and custom product.

We will refocus on our initial goal and vision. From now on, we will no longer target the audience the mentioned services target. We will leave the red seas to these organizations and seek a new, blue market.

We’ve Been Targeting the Wrong Audience.

In line with my previous point, we have been marketing our products to the wrong audience. The power of our platform isn’t giving users a random number or allowing them to query the NFT balance of a wallet; these are problems that already have a solution.

We should instead target clients who will benefit from a platform that allows them to create custom solutions in any private or custom environment. A few examples of this include companies that need secure supply chain management or run their private blockchain requiring tooling.

We Need To Specialize.

Our target audience has always been broad; our services can be used in many applications. This can be too distracting and lower the quality of our service. Besides, most of these “applications” already have their proper solutions that gained a reputation in the market. It doesn’t make much sense to be yet another solution.

Instead, we will focus on our unique product offerings, such as our IoT SDK. If you Google “Blockchain IoT SDK” or “IoT SDK Crypto,” you will find Kenshi at the top of the results page. Our IoT SDK supports more than 200 development devices and is a unique product on the market.

Kenshi IoT SDK is available on 200+ development boards for quick prototyping.

I hope we get our community’s support on these decisions, and as always, I am available to discuss any of the details. If you want to reach out, don’t hesitate to start a conversation on our group chat on Telegram or Discord.



Pouya Eghbali

Founder at Kenshi, Clio programming language, and CTO at Equip.